A Statue Or The Stone Subverting The Timezone

by Iskra

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This spark (russ.: Iskra) sets beatoriented indiemusic under fire and makes you dance on the flames of pop. Music without glamourous effects or chauvinistic gestures the rythm section forces you to dance, the guitar sound is raw and yet at the same time melodic and the vocals express the struggling, confusion and anger felt by all.


released August 1, 2007

unterm durchschnitt / Zebralution Digital Media Distribution - 2007.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Iskra Hamburg, Germany

unterm durchschnitt was a record label in Cologne, Germany. 1999 - 2012.
"Küsse sterben auf Lippen"
(engl. Kisses are dying on lips)

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Track Name: A Statue Or The Stone Inverting The Timezone
Bring your own lock
But forget the key
What's empty now, amounts to me

Be your own sound
Don't listen to me
What's vacant now, just might be

Only going down in old history
It's gonna be doing without me
Feeding on your recipe

It's gonna be starving me

A statue or the stone, inverting the timezone
A statue or the stone, inverting the timezone

Tonight to forget historically
Tonight to forget historically
Track Name: Bedroom Or Dancefloor
We're making your choices, can't you see
Trust us with your identity
We're licking our lips can't you see
Money spent on mockery
Bedroom or Dancefloor
What are you looking for
Shopfloor, working poor,
What are you opting for

We're making a list
Checking it twice
Gonna make your naughty nice

Fat-free or low-calorie
What are you gonna be
The letter or the addressee
What are you gonna be
Track Name: Now Nothing, Then What
I found a leak in your absence
I had to speak in cruel accents
The habit it caused a name
The name it fed a habit

On the sidewalk it left me alone
The poster wheat-pasted to the wall
Ensured your throne
Are we underfeeding tension
Bleeding through silent telephones
I curse this relationship of wordless, violent apprehension

It is my weakness to practise
Keeping receipts of your habits

The draft of the useless
Neglect it
The weight of possession
Hate to respect it

A day or just moments away
The way or one more delay
Where are the words left to say

Next time waiting in line.